Hulkenberg goes from strength to strength


Consistency. An attribute that every driver and team strive for. An attribute that many often fail to deliver. There's a difference between being consistent, and consistently good. Nico Hulkenberg is neither of those. What is he then?

The answer is simple. He's consistently great. After securing a fifth top 6 finish of the season at Monaco - which included a supreme overtake at the legendary Portier corner - the German once again showed just what talent he has. After turning round a fairly average Saturday showing into a 5th place finish come Sunday afternoon, 'The Hulk' has leapfrogged four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel and finds himself sitting 5th in the Drivers standings.

It's this high level of consistency across all aspects of his racing that has seen Nico reaffirm his surely ever strengthening position in the upper echelons of Formula 1. As he's shown multiple times in far less superior cars to those he often races amongst, the 26-year-old could (and should) be racing at the very front for the big honours.

With the start he's had though, is there any cause for concern? Maybe concern isn't the right word. Disappointment perhaps. Not the in the results per se, but that a podium continues to elude him? Team mate Sergio Perez secured the team's first podium since Giancarlo Fisichella back in 2009 when he claimed 3rd place in Bahrain, a result that must have irked Nico a little. He's been so close so many times, led races in every car he's driven but still hasn't been able to secure that podium finish. But does he actually need a podium finish? Will it do anything to change our opinion of him?

We know what he brings to the racetrack. We know what talent he possesses. We know (for all intents and purposes) that he would make the step up at the very front of the grid. We've seen him race with the best of this current generation and frequently come out on top. Given the chance he'd surely be fighting for not just podiums, but victories and championships.

'If' is a big word in the world of Formula 1. What if this, what if that. Surely though for Nico Hulkenberg it's a case of when and not if (excuse me whilst I just close my book of clichés). The increased competitiveness of the Force India car this year has provided Nico with the platform to finish consistently high, consistently battling with the Ferrari's and McLaren's and, it has to be said, consistently beating them. The Hulk continues to smash any obstacle in his way. How long before he reaches the top?

Paul Godley 25/05/2014

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