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A German winning races, winning Championships and dominating Formula 1. Where have we heard that before? A record breaking (in one season) 8th consecutive victory, in which Sebastian Vettel once again led from lights to flag, should be something we all celebrate, admire and respect. A phenomenal achievement in an era when we have four further World Champions on the grid. So, why is he not being given the credit he deserves by some sections of fans? Why the booing? And why the boredom?

Prolonged periods of domination in any sport will always detract some people from tuning in. Seeing the same person win race after race will clearly not please everyone, particularly if they're not your favourite driver. But to say that it is boring seems nonsense. A team and driver on top of their game, delivering brilliant qualifying laps and flawless performances on Sunday's is surely not something to be bored by, but something to be admired to the utmost? We're witnessing greatness in this particular era of our sport, so why not celebrate or appreciate it?

It's a question that's got me thinking for a while, but what would the world of Twitter and forums be saying if we had the same tools back in the Schumacher or Senna/Prost eras? Michael was, on the whole, loved upon his return. Would this have been the case earlier in his career? It's probably just me being cynical, but I suspect not.

If you're 'bored' of watching Vettel, why not look further down the field? Vettel has rightly grabbed the headlines since the summer break, but a couple of other drivers in particular really have stepped up to the plate in this latter half.

The development and maturity shown by Romain Grosjean over the past few months has been nothing short of a joy to watch. He's had his doubters, many wrongly so, but is now showing them in the best possible way just how wrong they were, by delivering on track. Four podiums in the last five races, 75 points accumulated and the only man outside of Red Bull to take the fight to the Milton Keynes based outfit. Whether it's been because he's now a father, whether it's because Kimi Raikkonen has left, whether it's because the team have stuck by him or whether it's simply because he's been allowed time to mould into a Formula 1 driver, I don't know. What I do know though is that Romain is here; and here to stay.

Then we get to the man we're all talking about, on and off track. Nico Hulkenberg, aided by a vastly improved Sauber, has really come to the front in more ways than one. Four top 6 finishes since Monza have propelled the talented German up the standings and into the spotlight more so than ever before. I can't quite remember the last time I've seen so much support for one driver to get a drive in a front running team. His performances in whatever car he has been in have at times been outstanding, but recent drives have really highlighted just what he can do.

Two hugely exciting talents who are destined for greater things not enough for you? What about Mercedes winning races and in pole position to finish 2nd in the Constructors''? What about a resurgent Felipe Massa? A future Ferrari driver being uncovered in the form of Jules Bianchi? Force India battling with McLaren for most of the season? Some great overtakes, showcased at Austin amongst others? Yes? No?

If the answer is no then I suspect Formula 1 is not the sport for you. It may not have been as thrilling, as tense or as close as previous seasons have been, but it's still been an enjoyable one that has flown by. That's my view anyway. You may not agree, and that's the great thing. Formula 1 in its current guise is far from perfect, but has it really ever been? Will it ever truly be?

Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel have been the undisputed kings of this era. Others have tried, come close, but ultimately failed in their goals. 2014 sees a new dawn, with a whole new level of potential. Will the aforementioned double act reign again? Or will Ferrari, Mercedes, Lotus, McLaren or anyone else be able to make that step up to the top? We just don't know. What we do know though, is that Formula 1 is not boring. It may not necessarily be at the very front of a race, but there's always a battle worth watching.

Paul Godley - 18/11/2013

Image source (and all image rights): Romain Grosjean smiling -

(Romain's face would appear to suggest he's far from bored with how things are currently going!)

Top Drivers

Driver Points
Hamilton 252
Rosberg 211
Vettel 203
Raikkonen 107
Bottas 101
Massa 97



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