London GP?


A London Grand Prix has been talked about for years and years, and at one time seemed like it would never come to anything. The release yesterday in the run up to next weekends British Grand Prix at Silverstone showcased the potential layout of the London track. And what a track it looks. Including some of London's most iconic landmarks (The Mall, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square to name a few), the layout certainly has managed to capture the essence of the city. The track looks fast and from what I can see on the video and as explained by Lewis and Jenson, there looks to be overtaking opportunities (something often lacking from street circuits) and sections where drivers are really going to have show their skill and bottle.

The problem often found with street circuits though is that you can on paper make them look as glitzy and glamorous as you want, but if when it comes to actual racing on them there's no real potential for overtaking or excitement, it just makes the race a bit of a dead rubber, i.e Valencia (prior to this season). That is always the risk with street circuits. Monaco is probably the exception; it has the history, the passion, the location and all the glamour and money that Formula 1 has and needs.

I personally think a London GP would be fantastic. We've currently got 3 competitive British drivers and multiple British or British based teams, so why not have a second race here? I wouldn't have any objections to it being once every other year or something, alternating with another street race in Europe perhaps? Paris or Rome have been mentioned in the past so maybe something could happen there? We currently have 2 GP's in Spain, a country which can't really afford 1 Grand Prix, let alone a second one. There has been a recent shift in Formula 1 to drop some of the European rounds (San Marino, Magny Cours, Turkey) in favour of races in the far east. This shift hasn't produced exciting racing in my opinion; the Abu Dhabi track needs some serious work to make it a good track, Yeongnam in South Korea has had problems both times they've been there and then of course we have Bahrain, which may not run again for reasons explained around the time of the controversial 2012 race.

It would be nice to see a race or two being added back in Europe; after all the vast majority of drivers are European, as are the teams and a lot of fans. I know Formula 1 is a global sport and it's great seeing it expanded into new and different countries, but let's face it they've not always been successful (as explained above). London is a great city and would provide a great backdrop and platform for Formula 1 to expand out to new fans and sponsors. I've seen somewhere that Mr Ecclestone himself may even help to fund part of the race, whether this is true or not I don't know, but if true is very encouraging. The proposed would surely have backing from drivers, teams and fans across Britain, Europe and the World, but will it happen? Only time will tell. It seems from the work done so far that there's considerable interest and thought being put into staging a London Grand Prix and I for one hope it happens. Britain has a fantastic relationship with motorsport and a second race can do only more good to enhance and develop that relationship. Fingers crossed eh?

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