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Right, time for a bit of fun before the 2013 season kicks off. I've selected five circuits from around the world that I'd like to see Formula 1 race at. Whether or not any of these will ever happen, or if any of these are even possible is not really what I'm concerned about with this. These are simply circuits that I believe would be great to see on the calendar. The article has partially been written because of the demise in what I consider 'proper' race circuits - the likes of Magny Cours, San Marino, Estoril and the like - in favour of new, yet 'boring' circuits like South Korea and Bahrain. Let's see what I've come up with.

Mount Panorama, Bathurst - Australia

Personally, this is one of the greatest motor racing circuits anywhere in the world. A brilliant mix of high speed climbs and falls, a variety of slow-to-medium speed sweeping, flowing corners - all against one of the most spectacular backdrops anywhere in the world - mean that Mount Panorama is quite simply a proper circuit. It's one that every fan and every driver seems to enjoy. The thrill of threading the needle through the tight and twisting climb up the mountain, the insanely fast drop back down the other side and completing the lap by entering a true amphitheatre setting make for one heck of a lap. Don't believe me? Watch this:

Jenson at Bathurst

Bathurst is a real race track. One that requires supreme skill to master and allows very little room for error - something often missing from the new circuits we see added to the calendar these days.

Le Mans - France

Possibly the most famous track there is, it's always puzzled me as to why Formula 1 doesn't race around the Circuit de la Sarthe. MotoGP currently uses the short circuit, one which I think works well for bikes, but I'm not so convinced that a Formula 1 race using the same layout would be as good. So why not use the full, near 8.5 mile circuit? Seeing an F1 car bounce and rattle down the Mulsanne straight at 200mph is something I have imagined many a time.

A return to France has been talked about for a while now, so why not Le Mans? A resurgence in French motorsport and French drivers in Formula 1 would appear to suggest that a demand for a return would be met with sufficient support. Whether the logistics would work I'm not sure, but we can dream eh?

Laguna Seca - USA

There's one word and one corner that explains why Laguna Seca is a superb circuit - Corkscrew. There isn't a corner anywhere else in the world that I enjoy seeing a vehicle, whether it has two or four wheels, being hassled and fought through more than the Corkscrew. Positive, negative and back to positive g; all in one corner. Get that right and you'll be competitive, but get it wrong and your race could all be over. One of the world's most challenging, yet rewarding corners makes this wonderful circuit what it is.

This battle between Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi in 2008 just shows what can happen around the Californian circuit:

Stoner vs Rossi

Slovakia Ring - Slovakia

An exciting, newly built circuit? It's almost unheard of these days, but the Slovakia Ring (funnily enough in Slovakia) is exactly that. It has a great flow, reminiscent of Magny Cours or the Red Bull Ring in Austria in that sense. A lot of new builds often have little flow to them and appear to be very stop-start, something no driver or car will truly like. One thing that may need to be altered, as was the case when the FiA GT1 series visited in 2012, is the potential for the cars to jump across a 'bridge'. When the GT1 series were there, a temporary chicane had to be implemented. Pretty? No. Sensible? Yes. Simply put, it's a great track. It feels very European and similar in ways to tracks that were once on the calendar, some 10 years ago. If you haven't seen the 2012 WTCC races, I'd strongly encourage to watch them online.

Once more, it'd see Formula 1 expand into a new country and provide an opportunity for new fans to experience the sport. Slovakia is well situated for many European fans, and with it being located just 30km from Bratislava airport, the track is easily accessible to anyone wanting to visit. We've seen a demise in European races over recent years, and with the future of the German Grand Prix under threat, a new track in Europe could be exactly what the sport and the continent needs.

Brno - Czech Republic

In many ways this circuit is similar to the Slovakia Ring - fast, flowing and located in Central Europe. Having watched the MotoGP series race here over the past few years, I've often thought that this Brno circuit provides some of the best, most exciting racing of the season. There's always drama right to the last corner (or sometimes the last straight), usually created by the long climb up the hill heading into the final chicane.

The middle section of the track provides the fans with a great chance to see lots of actions for a long period of time, with a combination of sweeping corners and slow, tight chicanes. The current circuit was built in 1987, and despite its 25 years of operation, it still feels very modern. As with the Slovakia Ring, the location should help to encourage European fans to visit. In my eyes it's a very underrated circuit that would, at least from a track perspective, suit Formula 1.

So there are my five circuits, what do you think? If you were able to choose five circuits to add to the calendar, what would they be and why? Let me know by commenting below or contacting me through Twitter (handle is visible on the right hand side). Thanks for reading!

McLaren at Bathurst - F1 Fanatic

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