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  • Making your Formula 1 debut is always sure to be a big event for any driver, no matter of age or experience. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the younger you are, the more the nerves, pressure and expectation would weigh on your shoulders. Today though, we saw the complete opposite. Two young drivers - aged just 21 and 19 - turned up and delivered a performance befitting that of an experienced pilot at this level. Kevin Magnussen and Daniil Kvyat. Today you arrived, and arrived in style. [Read More]

  • As you may be aware, for the last couple of seasons I've kept track of what the Drivers and Constructors standings would look had Formula 1 still been using some previous points systems. Well, for 2014, it's back!. These four tables will be updated after each race, so make sure you keep checking back to find out what things would look like under different formats. Anyway, enough rambling for now, here's some tables and numbers. Yay! [Read More]

  • A mouthful of a title I realise, but stick with me as I analysis why the current points system in Formula 1 is far from ideal. Double points is without doubt a silly idea, one designed purely to add 'spice' to the end of a season which should merit more respect and reward for previous efforts; but is it the only factor that doesn't sit quite right with how points are distributed in this era of our sport. Let's have a look. [Read More]

  • The price for finishing 11th would appear to be the loss of your race seat. Both Giedo van der Garde and Charles Pic are not only out at Caterham, but out of a first team seat all together, as the pair now both find themselves as reserve drivers at Sauber and Lotus respectively. [Read More]

  • Formula 1 is back! I'm back! The blog is back! Rafts of changes both on and off track over the winter have left many expecting 2014 to be the most exciting and unpredictable season for a considerable period of time. The first test has already been and gone - some leaving an often chilly Jerez feeling distinctively more positive than their counterparts. Everywhere you look change has happened, is happening and will continue to happen as this season rapidly moves up the gears. One thing that seemingly never changes with this wonderful - yet often perplexing - sport of ours is a majorly baffling talking point. For 2014, it's double points. [Read More]

  • Right then, time to make myself unpopular with many in the F1 circle. Pastor Maldonado and Lotus. A move that many predicted, but few desired. Why? I'd put my tuppence-worth on it being because of a rather good German driver by the name of Nico Hulkenberg. Nico has been overlooked again, and instead the Enstone outfit have chosen the often fiery Venezuelan, Maldonado. [Read More]

  • A German winning races, winning Championships and dominating Formula 1. Where have we heard that before? A record breaking (in one season) 8th consecutive victory, in which Sebastian Vettel once again led from lights to flag, should be something we all celebrate, admire and respect. A phenomenal achievement in an era when we have four further World Champions on the grid. So, why is he not being given the credit he deserves by some sections of fans? Why the booing? And why the boredom? [Read More]

  • Around this time last year I wrote a piece on the battle for 10th place between Marussia and Caterham. 12 months on and I appear to be at the same spot again. Same teams, same positions. So, what's changed? [Read More]

  • A 26-year-old four time Formula 1 World Champion. Just take that in for a second. Four times. At 26? Bonkers. Utter madness. The guy is a phenomenal talent and thoroughly deserves all the recognition that he will, or should, receive. [Read More]

  • For all those that feared the Sauber drivers performance in Monza last month was a one-off, this past weekend in Korea showed to the world that it categorically was not, and further reinforced the desire and need for Nico Hulkenberg to be given a race seat at the front of the Formula 1 field. So, will this latest drive prove a career-changer for Nico? Can one race really change things that much? Probably not - a point the man himself agrees with - but is this the first time he's shone so brightly in his Formula 1 career? [Read More]


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